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Ernest's Orleans Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, Inc.
Wednesday, Nov 16, 2016 12:00am

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can remember the words of my old Dad saying this ... "There are two things that make a good restaurant... Bread and Coffee... The Bread we serve here is made specially by longtime family friend and baker Mr. J.C. Priest, and we are proud to use it. And we now have brought back the famour New Orleans French Market Coffee, provided by the great people at A.M. COFFEE SERVICE. This rich coffee was served by my Dad in his restaurants for over 50 years, it was formerly known as Alameda. There just is no other like it. So for the millennials as well as the old timers, come by and enjoy the frest brewed taste of French Market Coffee brought to us by A.M. Coffee Service !!  You Will Be Satisfied ! 

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