About Us

AM Coffee was founded by Mary Moore in 1981. We are a local woman owned and family operated business. Mary and her son Price Moore Jr. are proud to say that we are in our 30th year in business thanks to our devoted customers.  What makes us differnet than other coffee services? Simply put, we are obsessed with serving our customers.

We begin by installing equipment at no charge, according to coffee usage. We provide quality equipment, then we clean and maintain the equipment each month during our normal delivery time. There is no charge for monthly cleaning and it really improves the taste of coffee. Monthly delivery of course also comes at no charge. In fact, there is no charge for any of our equipment or services, you just purchase your coffee and supplies from us and we take care of everything for you.

Our product selection includes everything a business needs for their coffee and beverages station. In addition to coffee, we offer tea, cold and hot beverage mixes. On top of that, we offer cups, sweetners, stir sticks, spoons, you name it! And of course we offer a fine selection of coffees sure to meet everyone’s tastes and budget.

In recent years, we have teamed up with new companies like Mello Joy and French Market to offer more delicious coffees. Everyone knows of the South’s more famous coffees from the New Orleans and Lafayette areas that are roasted in a Medium, Cafe, Dark, and even Pure City blend. If you enjoy a cup of coffee with a smooth, kick back in your chair taste, or the kind of coffee that will have you running the stairs, surely we can accommodate you. Whether you want Mello Joy, Folgers, Maxwellhouse or even Starbucks, we have you covered.

We serve all of Northwest Louisiana including Shreveport, Bossier City, Minden, Mansfield, Vivian, Benton, Haughton, and Stonewall.

At AM Coffee, we want to be the best part of your business day!